Sunday, November 25, 2007

On the road back to the beginning

I am in Amman, Jordan, getting ready to go to Greece to attend an international conference on public administration where I will present a paper entitled "Israeli Territoriality and the Predicament of the Palestinian Public Sector."
InshAllah I will stand on the hill of the Acropolis and look in a southeastern direction towards Palestine, my mother, you, and the wound that is me, my people, and all of humanity.
I will resume being a philosopher in few hours! That is how all philosophers are: they oscillate between being nothing and something, between shallowness and depth, between lust and virtue, between warmth and coldness, between the I and the You.
It is OK, this oscillation will certainly calm down soon. The passing of the torch from one hand to the other will remind me of the origins of fire. That is where my focus must be: the origin of divine energy. So do not leave yourself in the dark, keep searching for the light, but do not lose your grace during the search. Let your passion make you glow like sun rays off white snow.
Cleanse your heart from ill feelings and let love permeate all of its rooms. Write a love poem, it has always proved to be a panacea for deception, dishonesty, and uncertainty. Pray for the healing of your suffering and hers. The Lord of all hears and sees all, and his compassion and forgiveness is larger than all seas and oceans.
So let your body and soul sail through the Aegean sea to Athena. Tell your beloved that you are now Odysseus, and this is the 33th beginning of the Palestinian Odyssey. Pray for my safe return to you my beloved "Ithaca".

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Writing myself to the Universe

After many months of self inhibition, indecisiveness, and procrastination I have started this blog to document myself and share myself with the Universe. I am hoping that my writing will help me organize the flood of thoughts and emotions that are being trapped inside me, which, if not released will continue to cause me unbearable suffering, and might explode, or dissipate, and thus lose immense potential energy that can be utilized in the mitigation of the harsh human conditions in Palestine, and around the world.
So I am writing for me and you. I am writing for all. I am writing for those who listen and those who do not! I am writing for and against! I am writing the last and first! Things I heard, saw, touched, tasted, and smelled; Things that hurt me and things that made me happy; Things that I am hoping for and those that I dread.

I am writing my inner voice. I am writing my inner eye. I am writing things that make me shy. I am writing things that make me proud. I am writing things that others told me, and things others would not tell. I am writing about heaven and hell. I am writing about Palestine; about my city Nablus: sleeping and waking up between two mountains, Ibal and Jirzim.

I am a Spiritual Nomad, the one and only, the legendary Sindbad. I am the Palestinian Superman! I am also the Palestinian Dinosaur fighting hard against physical, spiritual, political, economic, and cultural extinction being imposed on me and my people by the racist and oppressive policies of the state of Israel and Zionism.