Saturday, January 10, 2009


My crime is premeditated Gaza
Punishable by hope
Lynched by a scope
of "Lost Horizons"…
Oh Gazan-gri-la:
My beloved paradise
Full of blood and fallen butterflies
All truths are nothings but lies
That is what Israel is saying to the world…
You must believe her for she is the only one who knows
F-16s are peace loving white doves
It is wrong to think of them as black crows
The one thousand bounds bombs
Are nothing but candy bars
And the mutilated bodies of children have no scars…
These are only engraves of ancient biblical names
Sacred to all
And we must memorize them good
Before we fall
Into our deep sleep
And dream of nothing but the glory of Eretz Israel…

Oh Gazan-gri-la:
My sweet sweet paradise
The nice smell of burned flesh
The juicy pieces of human shish kebab
Levni and Barak are having a dinner party tonight
Only the elite are invited: Sarkozy, Bush, Obama, and our blessed Mubarak…
The Security Council will keep the food warm
So no ceasefire till all the guests eat
And congratulate Israel for this wonderful treat…

By Saed J. Abu-Hijleh
Nablus, Palestine
Jan 7, 2009

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