Friday, December 25, 2009

The Messenger of Peace 2010 !

By Saed J. Abu-Hijleh

He was born to tell
that Earth mustn’t be hell.
Jesus The messenger of Peace
walked the thorny path
to end oppression
and impede human attrition…

2010 years later
oppression is still the norm
and the lost Children of “Canaan”
cannot go home
prevented by a fascist terrorist state
that calls itself “Israel”.

“Israel” is a hijacked name
and smearing it with injustice is a shame.
Israel is the title Allah gave to Jacob,
a revered prophet and father of many prophets.
But today “Israel” means bullets and rockets,
blood and tears,
and lives full of agony and fears.

“Israel” is indeed a hijacked name
and to stain it with genocide is a shame.
Yet historical fallacy is accredited by Western diplomacy
and the blessed name of a good prophet
is now an Apartheid state
and we have to accept this bloody fate
and silently be ethnically cleansed
and see our flesh with earth blend
torn apart by bombs made
in the USA
called DIME
while Europe pays
in many ways
for the continuation
of this crime.

2010 years ago
The Messenger of Peace was born
to tell
that Earth mustn’t be hell
that love conquers all…

Today the birthplace of Jesus is surrounded by hate:
Walls behind walls and gate after gate;
To reach the city of nativity
you must pass
through humiliation
and injure your soul
mile after mile…
Ugly soldiers will “look you with a scorn”
and your whole being is torn;
You are your ID
A number
A security threat
Or benign existence
But keep your distance
From the barrel of the gun
Any wrong move and you are gone…

The messenger of Peace 2010
People of Palestine
Women and men
Young and old
The story must be told
Truth we cannot bend:
“Israel” is a lie
On earth and in sky
No more should die
Apartheid must end.

DIME is the "Dense Inert Metal Explosives" that were used heavily by Israel in its war on Gaza 2008-2009 resulting in the horrific deaths and injuries among Palestinian civilians.

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