Friday, January 1, 2010


By Sindbad the Spiritual Nomad On the first day of 2010

The only pure love I had
Died in someone else’s hand
While I was across the river
Listening to an Egyptian poet
Denouncing with conviction
A police state & an old dictator

Came from nowhere
And met me there
In the land of the heart
Where a smile is all it takes
To fill your being with grace
And give your soul wings
To fly anywhere

Must I
Mention I
To fill the sky
With rain
So the rainbow can come
And arch over “The Mountain of Fire”
And bridge two hearts across this valley…!

Left me too soon
And left my nights without moon
I have now to dig deep
And reach the core of things
And start all over again
But this time
With slow deep breaths
And sure steps with no regrets

I hope you will forgive me
I brought you in my life when I was not ready
I did not know how fragile you were
And that you needed my love and care
I wish I did not travel across the river
And kept you in my arms for ever…

Nothing I will say will bring you back
And I do not know the price of redemption
All I know it is going to be Big
And that’s why I have to dig
And dig
And dig
Till I can’t dig no more
Then I’ll know I reached the core
Only then I can truly love…

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Unknown said...

Dr.saed!! its so beautiful i t truly touched my heart..
but everyone needs love!