Monday, January 11, 2010


By Saed J. Abu-Hijleh
Nablus, Palestine, Jan 11, 2010

Beautiful, fragile, seductive, and ephemeral…
My love for this rose is almost criminal!

Yet she is almost pure
And I chose her to be my cure…

In this day and age
You get to choose
Your sickness
Your wounds
And the bruise
On your heart
And if you are a true lover
Your obituary
On this page!

In this day and age
You get to choose
The murder weapon
And the number of bullets
And words you hear
That pierce your soul
And shatter your heart
To pieces
You get to choose the smile
That will kill you

Oh my sweet rose
I chose you
Or you chose me
It is almost the same
In this game
Of hide and seek
Where only egos speak
Yet we are part of this mortal song
Right or wrong…

Maybe there is still hope
That love is waiting
At the end of this rope…

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