Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nine Years!

By Saed J. Abu-Hijleh

Nine years
Still travelling in a river of tears
Carrying your face
Your name
Trying to reach your heart
So the part can unite
with the whole…

Nine years
Holding the rope
So you won’t slip away
For death not to kill hope

Nine years
Of waging wars
On my soul
On my body
On enemies of love

Following your dream
Took me to lots of places
Hot and cold
Met many faces
Your story must be told…

A lighthouse
A compass
A road map
To the most beautiful place
To the Oasis
Full of love and grace
Brothers and sisters
Young and old
Content and happy
Thanking the Lord

October 11, 2011, Nablus, Palestine
(On the Ninth Anniversary of the Assassination & Martyrdom of our mother Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh)