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Six years after the assassination crime of Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh (Oct 11, 2008)

Sixth Anniversary of the Assassination and Martyrdom of
Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh
(February 15, 1941--October 11, 2002)

Six years have passed and the death squad and terrorist State of Israel is still refusing to admit the responsibility of its cowardly soldiers for the crime of assassination of Shaden Abu-Hijleh. Despite this, the family of and friends of martyr Shaden are still continuing their legal and media campaign to bring the perpetrators to justice and to expose the war crimes of Israel on the international level.

Six years, and the blood of Shaden is still winning over their bullets; her smile is stronger than their hate, ever-present in the minds and hearts of all who knew her; a torch of hope and love for the wretched, and an honorable example for the strugglers for freedom and human dignity, illuminating the road ahead so we can see our goal clearly and unite for the sake of a free & democratic Palestine, all of Palestine, from the river to the sea, and from the Galilee to Um Al Rashrash.

On October 11th 2002, Shaden Abu-Hijleh (aged 62), a grandmother, peace activist and philanthropist, was murdered in cold blood. Israeli soldiers deliberately shot her without provocation while she was embroidering inside her home in the West Bank City of Nablus. Over 15 hollow-point bullets, which are banned by international law, were shot directly at her and her family killing her and injuring her husband and son.

haden was a devout patriot and shared with her Palestinian brothers and sisters the aspiration for freedom and liberation from the Israeli military occupation. She worked for Palestinian independence and the preservation of Palestinian national identity on Palestine's soil. She joined several organizations and association working for freedom and peace in Palestine and around the world. After her sons and daughter graduated from university, Shaden dedicated her life for the sake of achieving political and social justice and became a notable leader in the women's movement in Palestine. She was an active member in several local and national organizations:

- Administrative Committee Member, The Charitable Cultural and Social Society
- Administrative Committee Member, Society for the Safeguarding of Motherhood and Childhood.
- Founding Member, Ebal Cultural Center for Palestinian Arts and Folklore
- Founding Member, Association for Combating of Smoking and Dangerous Drugs.
- Founding Member, Palestinian Women for Democratic Change.
- Member of the Palestinian National Popular Committees (Responsible for the disbursement of food supplies to needy families affected by Israeli curfews and sieges of Palestinian towns and villages).

You can watch and download a film on the assassination of martyr Shaden Abu-Hijleh by the Israeli Military "death squads":

Website for Martyr Shaden Abu-Hijleh:

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