Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Morning Sakhneen*

By Saed J. Abu-Hijleh, March 26, 2010

Good Morning Sakhneen
the Spirit of Palestine
if you know what I mean
the valley of Battoof
“ta3al wa shoof”
how racism
tries to separate
hand from land
see the lies
with your own eyes
the theft of water
the source of life
to make the indigenous
full of strife
the People of Sakhneen
are rooted in love
and they only fear
God above
the Land for them
is Being
and to be for them
is become a tree
watered from the sky
that brings freedom
from the Mediterranean sea
so come and see
with your own eyes
the Zionist lies
the People of Sakhneen
they do what they mean!!!
they are true lovers
of a sacred land
called Falasteen :-)
they have proven their love
in 1976
when six crossed to the other side
they could not abide
the theft of land
by the same hand
that massacred
and "ethnically cleansed”
their brothers and sisters
the rooted goodness
of this ancient place...

People of Sakhneen
and this land are one
their flesh its soil
and its soil their flesh
and those who came by parachutes
have no roots
in the
valleys and mountains
of their Mother

* Shakhneen or Sakhnin is one of the main towns inside Palestine 1948 areas, in the heart of the Galilee. The town became famous when its residence revolted against the Israeli Authorities decisions to confiscate thousands of acres from its lands to build Jewish settlements. On March 30, 1976, three of its residence, along with another three from nearby Palestinian villages that joined the revolt were killed by the Israeli Army in what became to be known as the "Day of the Land". This revolt and the memory of the fallen Palestinian martyrs who sacrificed their souls to defend their lands and the dignity of the Palestinian People are commemorated on March 30th of each year.

I have written this poem in honor of a Palestinian delegation from Sakhneen who came to visit Nablus on March 25, 2010. Among the woman and men of the delegation were many who participated in the 1976 revolt (Intifada) of the Day of the Land and who were either injured or imprisoned by the Zionist army. Among them also was the sister of Martyr Khader Khalaileh, one of the six Palestinians who were killed in 1976.

Thanks to my colleague and friend, Mr. Ala Abu Idhair, who invited me to join him in meeting our sisters and brothers from Sakhneen.

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northshorewoman said...

thank you for your poem and the story it told of the people of Sakhneen. I hope success for the Palestinians in reclaiming all lands taken from them by the Israelis in such a violent and bloody manner. Surely, the world tide is changing, albeit much too slowly.