Friday, November 12, 2010

Intent !

By Saed Abu-Hijleh (Sindbad the Spiritual Nomad)
November 12, 2010
Nablus, Palestine

In your tent I sat
waiting for thee
to show me…
In your tent I sat alone
waiting for you…
In your tent I struggled to leave my ego outside,
to leave my wounds
and blunders…

In your tent
I breathed with difficulty
the past
the present
and the unknown…

Your love is my intent…
Or is it your intent that makes Me the I that I should be!!!
Or is it me who should intend that?
Can you help me?
Or should I help myself to reach you?

I do not know all the reasons why I am here…
Did you bring me here?
Or is it I who wanted to come?
Or is it chance?

I can feel your presence…
and I shall seek my essence…
In your tent I have the intent to reach you,
to be with you…

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